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My name is Kimble Steadman. I grew up in a one high school town and lived in the same house my entire childhood. I was in orchestra, theater arts, drill team, and studied American Sign Language in high school. I was active in church and had great friends. I graduated from the University of Houston where I majored in Public Relations with a focus in Interpersonal Communications, and a minor in psychology. While at UH, I also studied over 30 hours of additional American Sign Language. I have spent the majority of my time as a young adult building community relationships, engaging young people in critical conversations regarding the importance of making good choices, and networking. My experiences in the workplace have taught me many things. I have worked with young children, the elderly, and even interned for a US Congressman.

My experiences have taught me not only about the importance of diversity and seeing the world from different perspectives, but also have enabled me to gain organizational skills, time management abilities, and specific talents. The totality of these experiences has offered me the opportunity to become a well-rounded individual. I am well-versed in communication skills, and I hold 6 certificates in the areas of Mediation and Arbitration. I am an active member of the Texas Association of Mediators, where I currently hold the position of Social Media Chair and I volunteer regularly as a Mediator for people in need.

Miss Communication represents the totality of my talents and is the conduit that will combine your unique product/service and my masterful ability to create clever, eye-catching posts filled with great information, delivered to your target audience.

Finding Miss Communication is like finding a hidden gem. It’s like untangling the WWW and finding a home. We welcome you.

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